JUST DAMNED GOOD READING ... From the outset I knew this would be a good book. The author has his details down and knows his subject, medicine, well. He weaves a terribly plausible horror story of a marriage gone sour but replaced by true love from an unlikely source. Woven into the fabric of the novel is the, again plausible, service in the military which many of use have experienced.

This is not a story about a hero and a heroine in a situation just dreamed up and with no continuity. It is about a doctor that you may have seen at some time, without having a clue who or what he is about. It is the story of what this doctor has to give up to return to sanity, about what he has to give up to ultimately preserve and regain his family. This story flows and could easily be true somewhere, sometime.

Okie Doc, Physician in Oklahoma

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ENGROSSING NOVEL ... the story of a doctor called out of his practice into active duty. But, far more than that, it vividly took us through all this young physician went through: from his callup out of the reserves into his role in active duty. He did this with honor and no rancor at having to close his practice. Physicians are not normally in the line of fire, but this physician was and performed heroically.
The book was especially wonderful as it depicted his making lemonade out of lemons. He was in the throes of a bitter divorce and the horrible time he had with this is described with such poignancy that one can really feel his pain. It was only his return to active duty that helped him through this horror.
Ironically, his callup and loss of his practice was the start of a beautiful new life for him in many ways.
And yes, I enjoyed reading this book and learned from it.

D.E., Physician in Florida

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COULD NOT PUT THE BOOK DOWN ... As a retired naval officer, and practicing physician, I find "Texas Medicine" extremely factual and accurate in regards to the practice of medicine, and the Navy. The book is well written. It was extremely interesting; I could not put the book down, until I completed it.

I hope the author continues to write more of these medicine/miliary type books. This book is expecially geared to a physician, who has served in the military. I really felt for the "hero" in this book. I passed "Texas Medicine" on to a fellow medical school classmate, a "lifer" in the Air Force, who can connect with this book.

Georgia Rainman

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A GREAT READ ... It is very difficult to put this book down, but at 370 + pages your can't do it in one sitting. As a physician, I can testify that the medicine is accurate, as is the stress experienced. It is not only the time away from family, but it is the constant fear that as a human being, you may make an error and harm a patient.

The physician in this book must deal with a stressful divorce, and also with activation into active duty where he is personally involved in combat - an unusual experience for a doctor.

Eugene Eisman

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ABSOLUTE RING OF TRUTH ... As I read Texas medicine I felt that I was hearing a story told from the heart. Both the divorce and the medicine rang absolutely true ... and I enjoyed every minute. In fact, I read it through in one sitting...could not put it down.

K. Gorelick

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EXCELLENT BOOK ... The characters are believable and the dialogue is excellent. The protagonist, Steve Marcus, is a really nice guy who finally admits that his marriage is a failure and things go downhill for him. But he finds love and adventure in unlikely places. The story grabbed me with the first page. The medicine is excellent and fascinating. Good book. I recommend it highly.


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